about application

iJoomer is a native iPhone app(application) which interacts with Joomla. The purpose of this app is to lower the app development cost by using the proven open source technologies. This is just the beginning; we have promising road map to make this application in reach of the business owners in different verticals who wants the cost effective and quality solution for their business needs.

The first version of iJoomer will have the connectivity with the JomSocial component which is being widely used for the community purpose. In order to use the application, site administrator just needs to add a plugin to their current Joomla and take the application built from us and upload to app store. All the users of your site will be able to download the application and take the best out of it.

There is no recurring cost, its only one time fees which is pretty nominal. If you want to upgrade your version regularly with our upgrades, you can subscribe to upgrades. Upgrade plan costs just nominal amount and you have the choice to make an upgrade, not a compulsion. What else you need?


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