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What's New?

Think of building an app for a Local Businesses or Local Restaurants or Local Car Rental mobile application, you can get it all here with SOBIPro Extension of iJoomer Advance. With sobiPro extension, you can take advantage of the power backend of sobiPro and there on, once its setup on server side, the iJoomer Advance’s SobiPro extension will port those data into the mobile device.

Feature Rich Mobile Application

There are number of rich features available with SobiPro like getting the directions, reviews, ratings, filters and many more. The following is the prominent feature list of sobiPro Extension of iJoomer Advance.

  • Separate views for each section, so you can design the app differently for Cars Section and Restaurant section.
  • Categories can be listed as thumb view as well as list view.
  • Each category can be assigned specific color theme and that will be carried in their listing too.
  • One click direction from the detail view of the entry.
  • One click “Call” button for instant calling to the business owner.
  • Seamless sharing on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Email listing to a friend directly from the mobile app.
  • Configurable filters on the entry listing view.
  • Configurable Sorting on the entry listing view.
  • Advance Search in synchronization with the server fields.
  • “Add to Favorite” for later offline viewing.
  • Intelligent caching of the app.
  • Write reviews and rate listings directly from the app.
  • View listing on the list view as well as on the map view.

Want to get started?

If you are developer, simply download the SDK for SOBIPro along with Example Themes shown on our google play and publish you app in minutes.

If you are not a developer, simply order here and we will take care of integrating your own branding, prepare app to publish on the store and get it approved.

Note: SobiPro Extension under iJoomer Advance is available for Android now.

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