Community is about getting like minded people connected for some common cause, interest or idea. Traditionally websites were enough to provide users such platform. We at iJoomer strive to provide users an interface to communicate and get connected wherever they are and whenever they want. The simple answer to this is via mobile phones. Smartphones are gaining the market share and with 3g,4g and wifi connectivity, people are always connected. Having community on mobile is an essential step and leaders of community like Facebook and LinkedIn already have their apps for all the platforms, then why your community should be left out?

At iJoomer, we provide out of the box integration with JomSocial, the undisputed leader in community platform for Joomla. Almost all the activities which are supported by JomSocial can be accessed via iJoomer’s app. You can set Social networking mobile app with an attractive theme and we can also integrate your OWN BRANDING. Let it be wall, events, groups, photo uploads or video uploads, everything can be managed and organized via native mobile application for iPhone & Android.

Some of the salient features of the iJoomer for JomSocial Community app are as under:

  • Mobile to Mobile Push notifications enabled
  • Facebook Login and normal signup integrated.
  • Upload images and videos directly from the mobile devices (iPhone and Android)
  • Create a new group.
  • View Friends and members on an interactive map.
  • Update your status on the fly from phone.
  • Chat with friends from mobile.
  • Add up events directly from the mobile phone.

On top of Default features of Jomsocial extension, If you need any custom features to be developed in your social networking mobile app, then fill the form and we shall assist you with the best solution.

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