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We are excited to release iPhone/iOS version of SDK for Joomla. In this first phase of iOS series, we are happy to support core Joomla & Content/Articles component. It will serve as a backbone to all the newer extensions we will be coming up in next few weeks. This core SDK is free to use, you connect your any Joomla 2.5+ site to this app and get access to menu items, articles, categories, articles detail and much more. Google Analytics as well as Admob is pre-integrated, all you need to do is to provide some configuration settings and things will be done.

You can download SDK Click HERE

Want to Get Started? Click HERE

How SDK for iOS works?

iOS SDK for Joomla can work as a stand-alone application OR can be integrated into an existing application. The iOS SDK requests the data from your Joomla server. On that Joomla server, iJoomer Advance component should be installs. This component listens to the request sent by the iOS SDK and further processes the request and returns data to iOS SDK in JSON format. Then the iOS SDK will parse the data and provide Data dictionary to your Model/View files. Once the data dictionary is with Model/View files, it can show up data there.

iOS SDK already comes with the example applications which can be used as it is by altering the Branding graphics OR can be further modified. View files have full flexibility on how to show up the data. The design elements can be modified or added, the layout can be altered and much more. The aim of the SDK is to provide Flexibility along with Stability.

Where can it be used?

iJoomer Advance SDK for Joomla can be used as a standalone app or can be integrated into existing app. It can be used for any application where in dynamic content needs to be updated into the app.

Think of an app for Local News, Food Recipe, Technical Tutorials, Blogs, Lifestyle Magazine or any events related application. In all these scenario, you can simply make use of this SDK, update the content on the Joomla website and show the same content on the application. On top of it, you can even push content on the basis of GeoLocation. You can even send out the Push Notification to your users which has much effective Delivery Rate.

As I said earlier, it can be integrated into your existing app too. Think of an app which is currently used for your corporate CRM or a gaming app. You can expand those apps to throw up more information to the app in dynamic way from Joomla administrative panel. Simply push your content or news or updates about your specific industry. Not even that, you can even push your products portfolio and much more which can be handy to your users or sales personnel using the CRM app. It's all about dynamic content which are updated frequently and for that you don't have to take pain of re-submitting the app to the appStore which is very tiring process.

Why it should be used?

Affordability, Stability and Flexibility are our USP. The core SDK for iOS is distributed free of cost and you don't invest in re-inventing the wheel, we already did! The following are few reasons on why you should use iJoomer Advance

  • iJoomer Advance is FREE to use, resell or customize.
  • Regularly updated with updates in iOS versions or Joomla Versions.
  • Support and Documentation available.
  • Reduce the app development time by 70%
  • Flexible enough for enhancement
  • Integrates with current app.
  • Will support components like JomSocial, K2, EasyDiscuss, Virtuemart and much more.

Have a look at Getting Started Document for iPhone to get started

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