iJoomer's mobile application for jReviews (Joomla) works out of the box with jReviews. It provides a ready mobile application for your directory and review based website. The current version of mobile application for jReviews is available in iPhone, iPod Touch and Android platform. Interactive map to see all the listing over the map and showing the distance from current location of the user is one of the biggest advantage this application have.

The mobile application for jReviews will directly fetch the categories and listings from the iJoomer component and plugin. Our component and plugin fetches the data directly from the database and inheriting the classes of jReviews, consequently, there is no hack of code is required in your website. The custom fields created in jReviews are fetched dynamically form the server and ported to the mobile application. Data is always synchronized with your website and all you need is to manage your data centrally. Dynamic cashing of iJoomer enables fast loading of the data.

The following are the salient features of jReviews for mobile application:

  • Interactive product/item listing map.
  • Dynamic category list page for normal browsing of the app.
  • Featured Listings on the home screen.
  • Rate and Write Reviews on listings.
  • Add listings from the mobile app with images taken from camera.
  • Advance search and filters to get the desired results.
  • Detail view of the listing with all the custom fields created on the server.

iJoomer's mobile application for jReviews (Joomla) can be used for varied nature of the sites like Product reviews, cars listing application, real estate listings or any local directory application etc. Our USP is to provide out of the box mobile solution for Joomla based websites.

To get your mobile application all you need is to get iJoomer component and plugin for jReviews installed on the server, make some minor configuration and your website is now converted into mobile application.

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