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iJoomer's mobile application for Jomsocial works out of the box with JomSocial. If you have got a joomla website built with JomSocial component and you want to quickly get it on the mobile, iJoomer is the answer. To enable chat, you can simply integrate jBolo component on the server and we will support the same on the iPhone too.

User registering from the application will have the dynamic selection of the profile types which you have enabled on the server end. Once registered, they will have access to edit their profiles, post videos and photos from the app itself, join groups, join events (jomSocial events), message other users, add friends, see them on map and much more. Privacy settings are given utmost importance and can be managed from the application itself.

The following are the features for iJoomer mobile application for JomSocial (Joomla).

  • Create your own dashboard menu items from the admin panel.
  • Upload dashboard menu icons from the joomla admin and get it shown on the mobile app.
  • Push Notification enabled depending upon privacy settings of user.
  • Facebook Login integration.
  • Realtime updates to wall activity stream.
  • Interactive map to browse friends and members.
  • Chat with friends (supported with jBolo).
  • Custom icons for the map pins.
  • Add / Update your profile status.
  • Save images from friend's gallery to your mobile device.
  • Access to JomSocial events.
  • Join JomSocial events and view my events.

There are more than 200 applications on appStore which are using iJoomer app for JomSocial. It's a complete solution for your online community with your very own branding. It can be used for your own community website which shares some common interest like your own Bar, Restaurant, Health Club or anything. iJoomer's app for JomSocial can be used anywhere when you are using JomSocial as your website and port it to mobile application platform to gain branding and keep people connected, wherever they are and whenever they want. That's the core about socializing.

To get iJoomer for JomSocial, all you need is to install iJoomer component and plugin on your server, configure the plugin according to your requirement from the admin panel of joomla and get the app submitted to AppStore, Android Marketplace from us. Your online community is now truly mobile.

Buy for iPhone - $399 Buy for Android - $399 Buy a ComboPack - $699

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