Polls component is provided by default with Joomla installation. Polls are ideally used to get user feedback or inputs on particular topic or issue or usability. At iJoomer, we provide the support for polls and topics out of the box. If you have got the polls setup in Joomla, those will be fetched in the local users will be able to vote for the same

Some of the features of the polls are as under:

  • Create New poll from administrative panel of Joomla and access in mobile.
  • Users will be shown past polls as well as current polls.
  • View results screen will be shown once user casts the vote.
  • Graph view of the results screen.
  • Auto Synchronized with the server.
  • Available free with all the packages.

To get polls working, all you need is to get the iJoomer component and plugin installed on the server side and get it working on iPhone and Android mobile application.

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