As we all know, Joomla is one of the best Content Management System but its extension to use it as Mobile CMS is limited. This is where iJoomer Advance comes in to revolutionize the way we have used Joomla till now.

iJoomer Advance is build to push the content from Joomla CMS in a way that Mobile Apps understands, so we settled with JSON which is slim, yet effective. The second part is building up iPhone and Android Client. We provide iPhone and Android SDK for Joomla which works as a base framework. You can integrate Android SDK for Joomla into your existing project, as well as use as a new project. iPhone and Android SDK for Joomla is available in Download section, so simply download the SDK and get started with development.

You can virtually customize whole app ranging from editing the icons and color themes to extending it to have your own Screens utilizing iJoomer Advance's framework to fetch the data without touching PHP code.

How it can benifit you?

  • It's FREE (really, it is with source code of component andiPhone and Android SDK)
  • Ease of integration. No complex procedures to be followed!
  • 80% time saving…which you can spend with your family!
  • Superior scalability
  • Customization at your disposal – as much and as many times!
  • Your very own 100% white labelled 'BRANDING'
  • Pre-integrated photo and video uploading

Prominent Features!!

  • SPEED - Super slim JSON powered web-services
  • Theme Management - Manage your mobile theme from Joomla Admin
  • Menu Management - Manage the Menu items of iPhone and Android Mobile CMS directly from Joomla Admin Panel
  • Intelligent Caching - Even allows users to view content offline!
  • Montize - In-build AdMob integration
  • Analyze - In-build Google Analytics
  • Social - In-build Facebook and Twitter Sharing

What if I upgrade Joomla?

Our aim is quiet clear about the updates. Once you make use of our library and build up an application and in future if there are updates from the part of Joomla or JomSocial or any other component, at that time, all you will need to do is to update the SDK part and updates will be compatible. This will make sure your view files wont be altered at all and your hard-work in fixing up the layouts etc is maintained. Also, on the server end, we will be releasing iJoomer Advance component's new version which you can update on the website.

How to get started?

Learn How to Install, Customize and Publish your First Joomla Application for Mobile by your own.
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