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How it works?

We all know how good Joomla Content Management System and to make it more better, iJoomer came up with the FREE Mobile CMS for Android. You can use your very own Joomla admin panel to manage your content from SINGLE place. No re-work, no mistakes and just admirable results. In following section, we will show you how you can use iJoomer Advance to manage your content.

Create Menu Items and Show up in Mobile Device

From the Joomla Admin Panel, iJoomer Advance will allow you to manage the menu items specific to the Mobile Application from the Joomla Admin panel. You can add a New Menu to any of the three pre-defined positions i.e. "Bottom Tab Bar", "Home Screen Menu" and "Slide-Out Menu". To do so, simply add a new menu from the admin panel, and assign it to any of the above three positions. Now, select the screen(s) where you want this menu to be display (remember the position, it will display on that position).


The next step is to create menu items (similar to Joomla). 'Select Menu Type' will list up all the menu types available in the iJoomer app. Once you select the menu type, param in accordance with the menu type selected will be displayed. For example, Single Article menu type will allow you to select that particular article. Keep adding menu items as you like.

Tip If you are integrating iJoomer in any of the current Android app and want to have those other custom screens in the menu, then simply select "Custom" as the Menu Type and write the name of the Activity in 'Param' your android app.
This will automatically trigger your custom activity screen.

Launching Android Mobile App

  • First of all, download iJoomer Advance Component from the Download Page and install in your Joomla Setup.
  • To create your very first Android Mobile app, download the iJoomer Advance SDK for Android from here.
  • Then, follow the installation steps listed here.
  • Make alterations as you like as FULL Source Code is available.
  • Make a build of your app and push it to Google Play.
Do you need any professional help? No worries! Write to Us.
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