All of you have enjoyed our previous JomSocial mobile app. The biggest request which I used to get was about Source Code of the mobile app. Now, under iJoomer Advance, we ship the iPhone & Android version with full Source code (iPhone one is on the way). You will be amazed to see the new design and the performance of the app.

All New Flattering User Interface.

Ease of use was in center of building the User Interface. Users do expect certain elements at certain place. Understanding this behavior was not easy, after comparing more than 10 User Interface designs, we decided for the one. This new UI makes use of app so easy and obvious that you wont have to strain your mind to find things in the app. While making this third generation UI, the re-usability of the images was of utmost importance given variety of devices available for iPhone and Android today.

Source Code at your Disposal

Having source code at disposal provides flexibility to developers and confidance to owner of the app. We have packed iPhone and Android source code in such a way that when new updates are available from iJoomer Advance, you can simply update the SDK and things would be just fine. Your current layout/design wont suffer a pain and still you get an update. All you need to take care of is to keep codes in structure and not to have core code hacks inside SDK.

Tag Friend's Photos in JomSocial

With the new feature such as Face Detection in mobile app, users can tag their directly from the mobile app. Even you can have manual tagging feature which will allow you to select the desired area on the image and then tag the users.

Social Network Integration

iJoomer Advance allows Facebook login. Now your users can simply login with their facebook account right from the app. To make things more social, there are setting to share any photo or video directly to the facebook wall. On top of it, twitter integration allows user to share any image or video.

Monetize your app

AdMob provided as a built-in feature in the iJoomerAdvance, you can now monetize from your mobile application. Just put in your AdMob account key and things will be running smoothly. You can even control on which screen advertisements will be displayed. AdMob provides integration with number of other mobile advertisement providers and those can be integrated too.


Google Analytics for native mobile app is pre-integrated. You can analyze the behavior of your users and take action accordingly. It sounds pretty simple, but again most powerful to understand what your users mostly do while using the app and how you can improvise by understanding the behavior.

Flexible and Robust

The coding structure is so robust that as a developer, you dont need to worry about the security, connection to server or data caching, its handled by core SDK of Joomla. Having said that, you can always add up your custom screens or change the theme of the mobile application as and when required. The layout files, style files and images are available for further editing. Localization in your language is possible. Simply update the language file as you like and things will be shown to user accordingly. Auto detection of the language is also integrated so that respective language file will be loaded.

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